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Sorcerers visited Empire PvP and brought a Gift with them!

From now on every User on the Server is able to shoot Fireballs and Lightning Flashes by using the following Items:

Fireball - Fire Charge (Crafting: "/recipe Fireball")

Thunderbolt - End Rod (Crafting: "/recipe EndRod")

Simply put the respective Item in your main Hand and left-click to shoot in the Direction you are looking.

Fireballs do light Player and Block Damage (useful for Faction Raids), while Lightning can mainly be used to ignite Conflagration or attack Mobs.

The VIP++ Rank is still the only Class which can use the "/fireball" and "/thor" Commands without the Need of any Items. Futhermore, VIP++ can now induce the same Effects without having to type in the Commands, just by swinging a Blaze Rod or Stick.

We are confident you are going to appreciate the new Features! :-)

Kind Regards to all of you,

Your Empire PvP Server Team

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