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On Monday the 14th of August, for the first Time ever, the Nether and End Worlds are being reset to their original pristine State. From this Day onwards, the Nether and the End are now going to be reset once every Day at 10:00 am CET/CEST. Here's why we have taken this Decision:

- Over the Months, the respective Centers of both Worlds have been heavily terraformed and griefed, up to an Extent which is no longer tolerable and poses a serious Challenge for Players to even safely enter these Worlds in the first Place.

- Especially the End has been damaged and mutilated so badly that normal Enderdragon Fights are barely possible or at least can not be enjoyed as they should anymore.

- Most Structures like Nether Fortresses as well as End Cities have already been looted, and therefore Players are often disappointed when discovering them. With daily Resets there will be no more Complaints about this.

- In the End, some Players are using Enderman Farms (without Spawners) to quickly earn a lot of E-Credits by killing trapped Endermen. When the End gets a Reset every 24 Hours, Players will think twice about building such Farms which will quickly be gone again the next Day.

- Nether and End are supposed to be pure Farming and PvP/PvM Worlds. Regardless of that, some Players have set up hidden underground Vaults or Bases in these Worlds nevertheless, which has to be prevented, since they are way to hard to find.

So to conclude, in Case you have stored any Valuables left inside the Nether or End, you need to get it out there back to the Overworld before Monday, otherwise it will be lost forever, and there will be no Compensations.

The Ability to set Homes in one of these two Worlds will be blocked of course, in Order to hinder Players to teleport to and loot the same Structure over and over again Day after Day.

If a Feeling of Nostalgia aggrieves you when thinking about the beautiful old Nether or End, you can contact Bloxxinator, and he will sent you a Copy of the World Folder of the respective World via E-Mail, which you can then reuse for your Singleplayer Adventures.

Kind Regards to all of you,

Your Empire PvP Server Team

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