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Minecraft 1.12 is finally here - and so on Empire PvP!

Dear Community,

This is what we have been waiting for: The World of Color Update is finally here, featuring new Mobs, Blocks, an unprecedented Advancement System, and much more!

All remaining Bugs will be fixed over the Course of the next Couple of Days. In the Meantime, please excuse any Inconveniences you might still be facing while playing.

Don't miss our "Welcome-1.12" Event on Saturday at 05:00 pm GMT / 06:00 pm BST / 07:00 pm CEST, where we will be giving out many useful and beautiful new 1.12 Items.

There is also the new Command "/bottle get <Amount|Max>", which can be used to fill Experience Points from your Level Bar into empty Glass Bottles. The Bottles must be placed in your Inventories before you can do so, and each Bottling costs one E-Credit.

Enjoy the new Version and please report any Issues to the Forums as usual.

Kind Regards to all of you,

Your Empire PvP Server Team

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