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The mighty Pink Unicorn: Our new Server Logo

Fellow Players,

today it is my distinct Honour and Privilege to announce the next Step in the Developement of our Server: We are changing our Name to "PinkUnicornNetwork"!

Apart from this optical Modification, there won't be much Differences compared to before, however a few minor Things will change indeed. We listed everything you need to know here:

- New IP Address: join.omgiluvunicornstheyresocute.tk

- No more Factions, only MiniGames in the Future (such like "Spleef" with pink Wool Blocks)

- Everyone whose Nickname doesn't incorporate either one of the following Letter Combinations gets banned instantly: LP, HD, MC, YT, xXx or _xXx_.

- A lot more of fabolous Unicorn-themed new Features to expect!

We sincerely hope you like the new Style! If you have any Questions just contact a Staffer or click here to learn more :-)

Kind Regards to all of you,

Your "PUN" Server Team

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