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DabKingHarambe's Application or Dab0nemH8ers Application

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DabKingHarambe or Dab0nemH8ers , Male, 17, England/GMT

I would want to join EPvP's team as i would make the server more enjoyable for the players and troll hackers. It has been a long ambition to me to be staff on a cracked server as i was one of the owners on a premium server. Furthermore I would like to progress my experience in being staff so i could go back into the big leagues.

3.I was one of the owners of EvoPvP with Jacksuckatlife. Also iwas staff on a very well known server called extremecraft until I had enough of the abuse the players were giving to me and the rest of my crew.

As I said i would make the server more enjoyable and i would want to troll hackers.

Just asking if i get staff can record me trolling hackers?

yours sincerely DabKingHarambe
Posted Nov 26, 17 · OP
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Funny you should mention EvoPvP, because I played there a lot a while back. And I remember that none of the owners had anything close to your IGN. Trolling hackers shouldn't be a main reason for wanting to become staff, and you probably need better explanation/proof to prove you were staff on those big servers. Why would you want to become staff on a small server to become staff in larger ones? It's better to go big or go home, and also I don't see you around often...

Just my opinion.
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Posted Nov 29, 17
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