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Welcome to the new old Way of playing Factions!

The Assessment of our Community Survey has finished, and we have come to the Conclusion that it would be best to undo the Change from a few Months ago, which back then enabled Blocks in claimed Faction Territory to be destructible by Explosions, for Example from TNT, Creeper or Wither Attacks.

This means that from now on you don't have to worry anymore about your Faction Base getting blown up by Enemies. Raiding a Faction Base is of course still possible, but only by un- or overclaiming the Territory of the Enemy Faction when they have less Power than claimed Chunks. To fully understand the Concept of Factions, please visit our Wiki.

In case you are a Faction Leader and want to reenable Explosion Damage for your own Territory, you can do so at any Time, just write "/f flag set explosions YES". However, when all Followers of a Faction are offline, Explosion Damage won't work, regardless of the Flag Settings.

Kind Regards to all of you,

Your Empire PvP Server Team

Ezeltjeswag Where is the towny plugin?
ttr Everyone is gonna be a lot happier about this. I can't remember what life was like, We didn't have an f home w...
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