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Mojang has just put out the long anticipated new 1.13 Version for Minecraft Java Edition, also known as the Update Aquatic. Here's how E-PvP will adapt to this.

The Vanilla Game itself might be running stable and Bug-free on 1.13 already, however, the Software for Multiplayer Servers which E-PvP depends on does not yet, so we still have to wait a short While before the Server can enter the Process of updating. The following lays out the expected Timetable.

In about two Weeks from now, the Server will go into Whitelist Mode, only accessible for Staff Members. It will be then when the Server World is being backuped and uploaded to an online File Sharing Website, where it can subsequently be downloaded for free by everyone interested to continue using it for their Singleplayer Adventures. After that, the updating Process is being started, which may take an additional Week to complete, due to several Plugins which have to be updated and their Settings adjusted as well. If everything goes according to Plan, we will be able to finally reopen the Server in early or mid August, with the new Version and a new Server World (same Generation Seed and Spawn though). All World and Player Data will be set back to zero, as has been decided by you, the Players, in our last Community Survey.

We are going to seize this Opportunity to make some more and some less important Changes to the Server Gameplay. See below for a preliminary List:

- Empire PvP will become Premium only, meaning that Players using a Cracked Minecraft Client can no longer join the Server. This eliminates the Need for an Authentification System (no more Password Inquiry when joining), protects the Server from Bot Attacks, and potentially lets the Server gain more Players (those who in the Past have been to stupid to understand how to properly register themselves when joining for the first Time).

- The Donation Store will be substantially reworked to make it 100% Minecraft EULA-conforming, scrapping Donor Ranks and Donor Boxes in Favor of Things like global Flight Time, global EXP Boosts as well as many never seen before cool and fancy cosmetic Features. Previous Donor Rank Holders will be adequately compensated with a Variety of complimentary Offers to pick from.

Voting Rewards are being reversed. Players must vote five Times a Day (on five different Websites) to get one OP-Apple. Each Vote individually will now give 100 E-Credits plus two EXP-Levels.

- The Ability to mine Spawners with SilkTouch-enchanted Tools and to alter the Mob Type of Spawners using Spawn Eggs will be gone, in order to heavily restrict the Possibility of exploiting Mob Farms supplying infinite Amounts of Loot. Therefore, buying Spawn Eggs in "/shop" will get a Lot cheaper.

- Emeralds and Emerald Blocks will slightly increase in Worth, from 100 to 111, and from 900 to 999 E-Credits respectively. This is done to prevent the Exploitation of a Villager Trading Loophole which has allowed Insiders to gradually increase their Balance just by trading the same Items back and forth with a Blacksmith Villager.

- Teleportation and certain other Commands will now always cost E-Credits, depending on how powerful or useful the given Command is to the Player.

- There will be more Activity Events and less Item Drop Events. The general Focus should be even more on the Survival Aspect of the Gameplay. Maintaing a balanced ingame Economy and avoiding Inflation is going to be a Key Priority. The whole Gameplay Mechanics will be audited and overhauled on a regular Basis.

Please be aware that more Changes not mentioned here could always take Effect without prior Announcement. When relaunching the Server for the new Version, we're also planning to implement various Measures to attract new and old Players likewise, in the Hopes of growing the Community and restoring the Server's former Glory.

These are without Doubt exciting Times for E-PvP, and we dearly hope our Plans for the Future will satisfy you. You'll hear from us again as soon as the Server is ready to open its Gates in Minecraft 1.13.

Kind Regards to all of you,

Your Empire PvP Server Team

KevY007 It had to come to this, finally new version can be enjoyed.. Might as well return back ;)
ttr Well...
JeevanSandhu Wouldn't increasing the worth of emeralds increase the use of exploiting villagers, there were 3 common ways of whi...
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