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Why You Should Upgrade From Cracked To Premium

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Hello, reading ttr's recent post was sorta eye opening that people may be a little afraid they cannot play minecraft on our server anymore even with a cracked client. well yes thats true, but before you quickly go back to your youtube video or whatever your up to (you should be ashamed, yes you, i know what your doing!) im going to briefly try to convince you to actually buy the game or atleast consider purchasing it when you have the funds.

Okay im down here now. Welcome to example one of why you should buy the premium version over cracked.
poor first starter i know, but lets get the boring reasons over first. yes you would legally be playing the game despite creator jebb saying he didnt mind if others play on a cracked version of the game for any reason. the truth is that the creacked version is still stolen property and in the day and age of lawers going after copyright infringment and piracy left and right, you may want just start loosing cracked servers to play on with them being private or upgrading to premium. plus if you have a youtube channel and make ad revenue or try to make revenue off of the cracked version, its technically illegal as your profiting off of stolen property, and if someone is mad enough at you to report it, the automatic bot system will copyright strike you 100% of the time which makes being a youtuber a hassle with minecraft and trolls. speaking of!

holy crap did we have so many exploit and hacker people on our server who would join in and have crazy hacked clients. All the time ive played premium since like 2010, Ive only ever had a server hack happen 3 times, and they were hired by people we banned for using xray texture packs, Its so much easier to have less of those little buggers join in when the premium version of the client is a might bit harder to get hacks to work and use exploits. they still exist but their not as rampant as they are on cracked versions. seemed like we were banning people left and right every 3 days here for some exploit or hack. hell every other faction was a leapfrog of who could survive the longest finding the bases with hacks before their caught. Also,

heck yeah now were into the fun stuff, (APPLAUSE BECAUSE IM VAIN) yes thats right you can change skins yourself by just downloading the pdf thing and even have a cape, the cape design becomes the elytra skin to so your special design is incorporated there to! you could use any program you like from ms paint to the newest photoshop to try and design your jepeg skin. downloading others and loading them into your game is much simpler. plus servers can have their own offical texture packs you can switch on and off when joining. the amount of customization could make our simple server into something with more than a bunch of steves running amuck.

yes the game will get that oh so needed bug fix sooner, even your game will update faster, your premium now, screw waiting for it, did they wait for me to fork over 20 some odd dollars. well yes because i didnt have money at the time so my friend bought it for me but thats not the point! Its your update, you want it now!

5. pretty cheap
I get charged too much to use the caps lock button, and you get charged enough just being a person who needs important things like soda and junk food plus video game money with real money and bills, in that order of spending, how could you possibly afford to buy the game yourself? well unlike every game in existance that releases a pile of dog poop in a plastic container and charges 60 dollars to hear everyone cry about it on youtube and warn others to not buy it, minecraft is only 26.95 cents in the US. now i can imagine it being a few dollars here and there more or less, but compared to the newest battle clone war zone field of doodie whatever. 26.95 and you already know its a good game. thats a pretty low price for getting a game that you know doesnt suck and buying it will only make it even awesomer

quick before bloxx sees this! you can join millions of other servers, you didnt hear it from me, i was never here, no es navar RRRRRRRoyal, me llamo es Pablo Estaves... pablo estavas le mucho guapo hombre...

7. Keeping on the server

Okay ive run out of reasons just off the top of my head, but this is kinda the last one i can think of. youve probably played a lot on cracked servers, you may even have just joined and left some or have gone through your few just looking for the one. well you were here for a while. youve had your good times and bad times but you loved being here for just a little while, whenever it was. the server is finally evolving to the next generation and its going to premium to open its own self more than it was here. but, do you really want to go back into that. this game is something you love, whether its building the world you want, or being the leader of an army who fight and steal other clans, or even just riding a pig off a cliff to see if it flys, do you really want to go back into other servers where your uncertain of other players there, or find out its full of hackers, or even just not what your used to. or isnt it about time, you actually go the game, came to this server when you did, and got back to what you loved about the game now that you can do even more?

So hey, in the end if you really cant do premium, then im sure everyone will be sorry to see you go but understand it. times are hard and sometimes 20 dollars is a lot of money, i survive a week from dollar store purchases only up to 20 items. but premium is worth it compared to what other games that are just the same thing or a slightly polished version of an old one are charging. if theres one game you should finally upgrade to premium, minecraft is about to get a whole lot better and crazier, so we look forward to facing it all with you there by our side or as our rival. lets craft the world in premium with our custom skins, capes flying, and on the server we love. see you all there!
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Posted Jul 23, 18 · OP
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Yeah I agree with what you're saying it's just that $20 is a lot of money over here, I rarely spend that much on a single item
Posted Jul 24, 18