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Santa in his Sleigh, on his Way to E-PvP"The same Procedure as last Year?" asked the green Elf, noticeably exhausted by his Work manufacturing Pixie Dust.

"The same Procedure as every Year!" answered Santa with a low-pitched Laugh, and mounted his Sleigh departing to the Worlds of Empire PvP.

Yes, you heard right: Santa Claus himself is again personally visiting the Server this Year to hand out Presents to the good and jolly People of E-PvP. Don't miss him!

When? Saturday, December the 23rd, at 06:00 pm GMT (usual Event Time).

Where? In the SafeZone at Spawn.

What happens? The Spirit of Christmas will beset your Soul (and you get a lot of free Items as well).

How can I take Part? By simply being online at the Time ;-)

Also make sure to take a Look at the Special Donation Store Offers from 12/18/2017 to 01/07/2018 and support the Server.

The whole Team wishes you a contemplative Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

Kind Regards to all of you,

Your Empire PvP Server Team

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