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New on Empire PvP: Faction GolemsFaction Golems are Iron Golems owned by a Faction. A Faction Golem will automatically target and attack Enemy Faction Players around it, attack neutral Players when hit by them, but do not attack under any Circumstances Followers of its Owner Faction or Allies.

These ironclad Companions are perfect for guarding Faction Bases, but can also be used in Battles on the Ground against other Golems from Enemy Factions, since they attack those as well.

How to make a Faction Golem? Easy!

1. Construct an Iron Golem

2. Right-click it with a Leash in your Hand

3. The Iron Golem turns into a Faction Golem, depicted by the Faction Name hovering above its Head

This Action costs you 500 E-Credits per Golem you transmute, withdrawn from the personal Player Balance. No Faction is capable of having more than 10 Faction Golems at the same Time.

Special Thanks go out to KevY007 (Developer) for making this possible and providing the Server with a new cool and unique Feature.

Kind Regards to all of you,

Your Empire PvP Server Team

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